Twitter 101: Growing and Maintaining a Twitter Account for Your Small Business

News 01:07 July 2018:

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With Twitter, being the fast and growing internet phenomenon that it is, it’s no wonder that many people and businesses, big and small alike are turning to this social network to give their businesses a boost. Although highly unlikely there are a few people that may not know what Twitter is. So, I will give a quick explanation defining Twitter for those that do not know.

Have a business? Small or large alike, Twitter is the way to get the word out

Exactly. If you are just starting out, or are a major player in the world of selling turning to Twitter, is the way to get your product known. And that is exactly what business are doing today, incorporating Twitter into their business strategy. Rightfully so, with Twitter being the social internet super highway that it is.

Growing your Twitter account, business style

Automatic retweet, promote your product and do not, bore your followers with the same old picture or slogan. Keep it interesting, and some business even resort to using celebrities, or everyday people to Tweet their testimonies of products. Be sure and get permission if you are Tweeting a photo via instagram, because instagram frowns upon using for business purposes without prior permission. There are so many things to consider and you have so many options when it comes to your business, product and the fast pace world of Twitter. The most important is to have followers. Keep them entertained. Tweet your product, and then sit back, (so-to-speak,) and watch just exactly what Twitter and it’s power can do for you.



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